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Ensure every women & non-binary adult can access our classes & programs

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Support our GDI Scholarship Program!

GDI rejects the stereotypes that women and non-binary individuals aren’t interested in technology and that people can’t learn tech as adults. GDI chooses to focus on affordable education services for adults who might otherwise be unable to access tech classes, letting them know it’s never too late for them to learn.

We are committed to ensuring all of our programs & classes are accessible to all! Regardless of anyone's ability to pay. So far this year, we have awarded 54 scholarships!! This is 50% more than we awarded this time last year.

Here is some feedback on our scholarships:

"Without the GDI Scholarship, I could not have afforded to take the classes I needed to land my dream job"

"The GDI Scholarships gave me skills, network and most important the confidence to finally make the leap into the technology field"

We are raising funds to ensure we can expand our scholarship program to fit the need and continue to grow the number of scholarships awarded each year. Please consider supporting this effort at any level and ensure we can continue to provide access to everyone!