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Grow your brand awareness among our community!

Reach over 19,000 women & non-binary adults interested in software development


Marketing Partnership Opportunities

Align your company’s brand with Girl Develop It (GDI). Get exposure to our vast community of women technologists, promote your diversity initiatives, and give back to our growing movement.

We work best with companies who are invested in supporting our mission and our long-term goals. Our ideal partner is one who works with us to build a mutually beneficial, sustainable partnership.

What makes us different:

GDI believe underrepresented groups have been left out of technology education for no good reason. We reject the stereotypes that women and non-binary individuals aren't interested in technology and that people can't learn tech as adults. GDI choses to focus on affordable education services for adults who might other wise be unable to access tech classes.

GDI's community is large, with over 13,000 individuals on our mailing list. A majority of our members are US based, but we do serve an international community. We serve adults who are 18+ but a majority of our attendees are between 25-45 years old. Our members have diverse background, careers & education.

Brand Partnership Opportunities

$1,500 Brand Partner

Build your brand with our community by being a constant presence on our media for one year. This includes:

  • Quarterly Ads (or other content) in our eNewsletter
  • Monthly social media shares and eight unique posts
  • Six messages to our Slack channel
  • Branding opportunities on major GDI events (ex. Mini-Conference)
  • Two opportunities to place a banner ad on our home page for one week

$750 Campaign Partner

Draw attention to an event, opportunity. or other short term marketing goal through this partnership designed to share a message on multiple channels for a short period of time. This includes:

  • Three social media shares and four unique social media posts
  • Three Slack message to our Slack channel
  • One ad in our quarterly eNewsletter
  • One banner ad our home page for one week

$500 News Partner

This is a simple opportunity to advertise with our community using strategic marketing placement. This partnership includes:

  • One ad in our bi-weekly eNewsletters
  • One ad on Facebook & Linkedin

In addition to these benefits, all of our partners are featured on our website and receive invitations to our workshops and networking events.

We do work with partners and sponsors to produce content, support our events and employee engagement. Please email to learn more.